Saturday, May 26, 2012

Checking in May 26, 2012 - ThePointsGuy's Beginner's Guide!

I have been missing in action for about a week - busy celebrating my birthday week with family and friends, plus the benefit of a more than full time job, plus school, plus an internship! This post is quite overdue in that I was planning to post it early in the week, but anyway, here it is...

This week's post is an offering for anyone wanting to get into the miles and points churning game. I have listed a quick sum up of what I have done myself, but here today I present to you a very comprehensive and very helpful guide to maximize your frequent flier miles, points, and credit card sign up bonuses. 

I am a fan of thepointsguy and I check his blog almost everyday so I share with you his Beginner's Guide which you can access by clicking on the links on this post. Or through this here. This is what I usually refer to whenever I talk about miles and points with my friends and clients. There a lot of very good resources on the blogosphere - many of whom have been around the industry for so long. I will continue to share them with you as their respective approvals come along to share such information.

ThePointsGuy has been kind enough to allow me to link to his guide so please do not forget to thank him for sharing the information. Please leave a comment or a note or two, if you find it useful for you. Please also do not forget to post here if you have any comments or questions for me. Until the next one! 

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