Saturday, May 12, 2012

Power of Miles and Points Case #1

Folks, here is an example of this week's power of miles and points, an Earn and Save strategy that I have just implemented in time for Mother's Day: 

Purchase made last May 7, 2012 online on Total purchase for this order: $178.29 

Earnings and Savings for this order:

1. Delta Skymiles Promo Code 68DE or DE47 to earn 35 miles per dollar spent. Total miles: 4,550 Delta Skymiles

2. American Express OPEN Savings program 5% cashback, using my American Express Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card for Business Total cashback: $8.91

3. Fresh rewards points earned in this transaction: 178 points (about $17 worth towards a $20 certificate) I have banked another 87 points from last time; so that gives me a total of 265 points = $26 value reward certificate I can use on my next order!

Now you can do the math, this example shows how much potentially you can save in a transaction. This is a purchase that I would normally have done, but had given considerable thought on how to proceed and ended with this. In this purchase alone, I will get 6000+ miles towards free travel, plus the benefits of using my American Express Card, and most of all, I just made a couple of loved ones very happy this Mother's day! This is not just miles but a lot of smiles! 

Thanks, mom! And a happy Mother's Day to all moms in the world! Until the next installment!

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