Thursday, June 7, 2012

Checking-in June 7, 2012 - The best airline for...

This article is entertaining to note, some dose of fun heading into the week's end: The best airline for landing a sugardaddy? ABC Travel has this article about where to land a rich boyfriend, a sugar daddy and a high net-worth husband. According to their findings: 

  • Airline with the best chance of meeting a millionaire: Delta Airlines
  • Airline flown by the most generous millionaires: American Airlines
  • Airline flown by the most wealthy millionaires: United Airlines
“If you want the best shot of landing a rich boyfriend, fly Delta Air Lines. If you want a generous sugar daddy, fly American Airlines. If you want a high net-worth husband, fly United Airlines,” said Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of and, in a press release. “And if you only have the appetite for wealthy men, stay away from peanut airlines such as Southwest, Frontier, Spirit or Allegiant.”

You can read the full article here. Credit to the author and ABC Travel for this article

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