Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back with Overdue Posts and more to come...

2013 has come and gone pretty fast, I had not been able to post as I have planned on my documented hotel stays. But before the year ends I will have them up here to be shared. In the meantime, some news from Southwest that arrived in my inbox today and I thought I should share - they now offer Gate-to-Gate WiFi. So thats wifi for you even below 10,000 feet! Visit for more information.
And DISH still offers FREE TV on Southwest Flights with your eligible device. Happy Travels! And more updates in the upcoming days! 

Up and coming: 
American Express Small Business Saturday - November 30, 2013
StarPro Stays Round Up

Featuring this December: 
The Fairfax at Embassy Row, Washington DC
Le Meridien, Philadelphia
Four Points by Sheraton, Soho Village, New York City

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